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Autoramutx Auto Equipment and Technology Inc

Established in 2000, Autoramutx company was established by a number of auto specialists with the same mission, we always provide advanced and high quality goods and total solution for building a Fancy cars workshop.


We have witness and participated in the whole process of the luxury car aftermarket,from nothing to rapid growth. While we are actively involved in the innovation of the market.


As a technology-driven company, we insist on“quality·integrity·technology”, we support our customers with knowhow and expertise, and growing together with them, as a result, we have won the trust and support of more than 3000 luxury car service enterprises.

We have more than 1200 automobile maintenance enterprises as our loyal and long term cusomers.


Seajetcar Auto Equipment and Technology Inc , R&d and Production,Main business in China.

Autoramutx Auto Equipment and Technology Inc, Main international trade.


址:广州市云区白云大道北861206室   430074016@qq.com

话:020- 86581681  86581691      www.seajetcar.com